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The Side-Effects Kid by Janell Hanson
Illustrator: Janell Hanson
ISBN: 0966260805
Avg Reading Age: 10 - 14
(1995)  Wyoming Arts Council Award
(1995)  Literary Fellowship Award
(1994)  Frank Nelson Doubleday
Honorable Mention
The Side-Effects Kid
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Where—and who—will he strike next? How do you catch a criminal who is illegally dumping toxic waste? By hiring an eleven-year-old girl with sensitivities who can detect the smallest traces of chemicals. In this unique environmental mystery a secret agency hires Sneezy to track Toxic Ted's trail.
To everyone's astonishment Sneezy can detect chemicals better than anyone ever expected. She can identify them with names that leave her co-workers baffled: "She must be able to smell the world like a bloodhound!"
In her carefree manner, Sneezy shows us how the environment speaks through her allergies, reminding us of our interdependence and responsibility. The earth communicates through its own language of symptoms. Whatever is done to it—it returns the deed. Rather than hide away, Sneezy learns a new strategy—she cultivates her sensitivities. Through her heightened awareness, she exposes unseen layers and discovers a larger truth.
It is a story filled with mystery, mysticism, and the complexities of modern living. It is about restoration through the power of connection. A dialogue with Mother Earth supports wisdom—the bond nurtures kindness. Such an atmosphere would not allow Toxic Ted to flourish.
The book includes 102 pen & ink illustrations.