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I Will Help You
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Standing in his field, Farmer Brown suddenly hears a voice say, "I will help you."
Where do the words come from? Can Farmer Brown and his family trace the voice to its source?
From sunrise into moon-light, through rain and snow, the beautifully illustrated story is a mystical tour into the realms of imagination. Drama and energy in vibrant artwork show: We are what we think. Our thoughts create the world.
Reader Comments
I am just stunned and blown away by your book! It is just beautiful. Each character picture is just right as to expression and form, simple, not over-done, just right. And the nature part of the pictures—wow! Truly a work of art. The text is excellent, too, with moments of brilliance—like the hail being summer snow. I love the big text at the end. And I love the way you have made it all simple, direct, straightforward. The present tense really helps with this.
Thank you for your lovely book!!! I love the repetition of the "I Will Help You" and that voice helps the characters to express what is generally perceived as negative emotions, too, as well as the good ones. I'll certainly enjoy reading it with our grandsons (6 and 3).
I got your "I Will Help You" for Christmas, and it was the hit gift. It's simply beautiful, in both narrative and illustration. I've now been through it...oh, six or ten times. I especially like the character of Sky, with her full range of expressions, from nurturing and comforting, to threatening and raging. The concluding illustrations, from the emergence of Moon to the back cover, are stunning, like a 100-piece orchestra's symphony conclusion. You created beauty - congratulations! I'll hold the little tale's lesson to listen to my affirming voices for strength, reassurance, and love.
What a beautiful book! The paintings are magical! You HAVE to get this book out!