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It is common practice to name a font after a city or place. The city of Tendo in Japan is well known known for the production of shogi pieces. "Chess city", as Tendo is sometimes called, manufactures about 2.5 million shogi sets every year. In addition to the mass marketed sets many extraordinarily beautiful shogi sets are hand crafted by almost fifty artisans who reside in Tendo. Many important shogi matches have been played in Tendo. In 1970 the 29th Master's Match, the biggest title event in the world of professional shogi, was held at the Tendo hot spring.

The Tendo font family for shogi (Japanese chess) includes 6 fonts in both TrueType and PostScript formats and an excellent 9 page User’s Guide. Each of the fonts has the same keymap so it is easy to change from one diagram style to another. There are three different border styles.


Shown below are diagrams using the various Tendo fonts.

Kimura Yoshio 8-dan -- Kaneko Kingoro 8-dan 1. P-7f P-3d 2. P-2f G-3b 3. P-2e B-3c 4. P-5f S-4b 5. P-5e R-5b 6. R-5h S-6b 7. S-4h P-2d 8. Px2d Bx2d 9. S-5g P-4d 10. S-5f S-4c (diagram below left - Tendo font) 11. S-6h G-2c 12. R-2h R-2b 13. G-3h G-5b 14. P-4f Bx4f 15. P-5d Px5d 16. P*4e S-5c 17. Px4d S5cx4d 18. S-4e P*2g 19. Rx2g P*2f 20. Rx2f B-3e (diagram below right - Tendo English)

21. Sx4d Sx4d 22. S*3a Bx2f 23. Sx2b+ Gx2b 24. R*2e S*4g 25. Gx4g R*3i 26. P*4i S*3h 27. G-4h P*4g 28.Gx3h Rx3h+ 29. G-5h +Rx2i 30. K-6i +Rx4i 31. G-5i G*5h 32. K-7h B-3e 33. S*7i Gx5i 34. Rx2b+ G-5h 35. P*5g +R-6i 36. K-7g Gx6h 37. Sx6h P-7d 38.+Rx2a K-6b 39. G*8e S*8d 40. S*7a K-7c (diagram below left - Tendo International) 41. S-8b+ Kx8b 42. Gx8d N*6e 43.K-8f S*9e 44. Kx9e P-9d 45. Resigns (diagram below right - Tendo Pentagon) If 45. K-8f G*93 mate, if 45. K-9f G*9e mate, if 45. K-8e Px8d 46. Kx7d G*6d 47. Kx8d G*7d mate, if 45. Gx9d Lx9d 46. Kx9d P*9c 47. K-8e G*8d 48. K8f G*8e mate.