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It is common practice to name a font after a city or place. The Linares chess font's namesake is Linares, Spain, the location of the strongest series of chess tournaments ever held. Luiz Rentero sponsors these annual super GM chess tournaments and encourages the players' fighting spirit. The high caliber of play and unusually low percentage of draws speaks to his success. Listed below are the winners and average rating of the players for the Linares tournaments from 1989 through 1998.  (There was no tournament in 1996.)

Year Winner Score Average Rating Category
 1998  Anand  7.5-3.5  2752  21
 1997  Kasparov  8.5-2.5  2701  19
 1995  Ivanchuck  10-3  2654  17
 1994  Karpov  11-2  2684  18
 1993  Kasparov  10-3  2676  18
 1992  Kasparov  10-3  2659  17
 1991  Ivanchuck  9.5-3.5  2658  17
 1990  Kasparov  8-3  2627  16
 1989  Ivanchuck  7.5-2.5  2629  16

The Linares chess font family includes over 30 chess fonts in both TrueType and PostScript formats and an excellent 14 page User's Guide and Italic versions of the fonts are also included. Here is a brief summary of each of the fonts in the Linares family.

Linares has the complete set of upper and lower case characters available from a standard keyboard, 50 annotation symbols, 30 foreign language symbols, chess piece symbols for figurine algebraic, all the symbols for chess diagrams with a border and Linares uses a slightly modified version of the USCF standard keymap for encoding chess information.

LinaresDiagram has the chess diagram symbols in easily remembered and accessible positions on the keyboard, six different diagram borders, checker symbols and three miscellaneous diagram symbols (star, x and +). 

LinaresFigurine allows for the conversion of standard algebraic text directly into figurine algebraic by just selecting the text and changing the font. LinaresFigurine works with Dutch, English and German algebraic notation. 

LinaresFigurineAlternate is similar to LinaresFigurine but works with French, Hungarian, Italian and Spanish notation.  

LinaresRotated90, LinaresRotated180 and LinaresRotated270 can be used to create diagrams for chess variants that require pieces which are rotated 90°, 180° and 270°. The rotated versions include special inside corner border pieces. 

LinaresCA, LinaresDiagramCA, LinaresCBWIN  and LinaresDiagramCBWIN are compatible with Chess Assistant and ChessBase
for Windows. These fonts are only included with the Windows version. 

LinaresCBMAC and LinaresDiagramCBMAC are compatible with ChessBase for Macintosh. These fonts are only included with the Macintosh version. 

The following amazing game between Boris Spassky and David Bronstein is shown using the LinaresDiagram and LinaresFigurine fonts.

 Spassky chess game