Alpine Fonts Help Topic: Extracting the fonts from the file downloaded (Macintosh)

After you download the file, find it on your computer and double-click. If that doesn't work or you recieve an error, then you need to find the program Stuffit Expander on your computer (on your desktop, go to the File menu and click Find, then type in Stuffit Expander).

If you found Stuffit Expander on your computer:

Open the Stuffit Expander program by double-clicking its icon. Then open the File menu and click on Expand. Then go to the folder where you saved the compressed font file (e.g. linares.sit) and double-click it to unpack all the fonts.


If you didn't find Stuffit Expander on your computer, or ran into other problems:

You can download Stuffit Expander for free by clicking here. After you install the program, refer to the instructions above.