Alpine Fonts Help Topic: Installing the fonts on to your computer (Macintosh OS X & Classic OS)

1) Quit all open programs on your computer.

2) Find the folder on your computer (most likely on your desktop) with the name of the fonts (e.g. the folder Linares). Double-click to open the folder, then open up your hard drive by double-clicking the icon on your desktop (an example of the Hard Drive icon is to the right).

3) Now Find the System Folder (with a 9 on the folder icon) in the Hard Drive window and double-click that to open it up

4) With the System Folder Window open now, and your Fonts folder open now as well, you should see two windows open side by side (or you can drag them side by side to make it easier). Double-click the TrueType Fonts folder within the Linares folder (or the folder-name of the fonts you purchased).

5) Double Click the Fonts folder in the System Folder window to see the exact diagram above. Then select all the fonts (there should be 9 true-type font family files in the Linares folder). Drag them into the Fonts window that should be open (it displays all the fonts on your system).