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Name: Richard Fowell
Date Posted: Apr 30, 2007
Subject/Summary: Writing chess documents to transfer between PC & Mac
(OS: win & mac)
Message Content: >If O. Veli were to buy, say, Linares for Windows,  
>and the magazine Linares for Mac, and he sent in  
>his chess column in Word for Windows using  
>LinaresFigurine for the text and LinaresDiagram  
>for the diagrams, would the magazine be able to  
>properly print his column using Word for Mac?  
Yes, if the Linares Diagram & Linares Figurine TrueType fonts are installed  
on both computers, then it is possible to create a file in a frequently-used  
format (Word file, RTF file, etc.) on a Windows computer, and then open that  
same file on a Macintosh without problems.  
I do thank you for clarifying this matter on your forum.  
Best regards,  
Adrian Smith
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Date Posted:

Aug 26, 2012
Email Address: manisha_510@hotmail.com


RE: Writing chess documents to transfer between PC & Mac

Message Content:

more tips: try changing the store licotaon to the desktop. In the licotaon you want to store them right click and choose get info. In get info select read and write. It may be selected to just read.If you still cant do it well im sorry I dont know what happens.

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RE: Writing chess documents to transfer between PC & Mac

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